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Elegantly Ellen is a locally owned business located in Midland, ON. Our mission is to spread enjoyment and happiness through gifting. Through local business collaboration, Elegantly Ellen hand selects items to create gift baskets, mailer gifts, subscription boxes, and more. We truly believe that supporting local is the foundation for any great business, and we are proud to carry it out in every gift that we produce.

Whether you are searching for a birthday, holiday, business or ‘just because’ gift, we have you covered. All of our custom gift baskets are completely personalized to your needs and the likes of your recipient. We are not a cookie-cutter business and want to ensure that every gift that leaves our shop is tailored specifically to your recipient.

Elegantly Ellen was built on the concept that gifting helps spread joy in the world, far and wide, so if you imagine it, we can likely produce it! We are dedicated to bringing your ideas to life while guiding the process in an esthetically and locally pleasing manner. All of the products we feature are tested in the shop for quality assurance and are almost 100% locally based.

We find so much bliss in building gifts and look forward to working with you soon. 

Grunge Wood

Meet Courtney

Hi! I’m Courtney, the Owner of Elegantly Ellen, a shop designed to create gifts not simply noticed but remembered. Ever since I was a little girl, gifting and transforming things to make them ‘pretty’ has always been a passion of mine. I am happiest working away in my shop, turning a concept into a gift that brings a smile to someone else’s face. I pride myself on my ability to wow even the ‘hard to gift for’ and love to have conversations with my clients on how to do so.

I built this business on my love for supporting local and empowering those around me. The name “Ellen” comes from a long line of empowering women who work hard, support others and show an abundant amount of kindness to the world, something I aim for every day. So please, join me on this fun and beautiful ride. I hope to create something magical for you soon!

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